WarmCloud Solar


Residential Battery System

  • Uses large capacity, high reliability and long life LFP Cells
  • Function modularized automatic identification, support multi-machine parallel connection
  • Support RS485 & CAN protocols
  • Support most of the market inverter scheme
  • Simple and reliable installation
  • Support upmost 8pcs module in parallel
  • Customized appearance is available

Commercial Energy Storage System

  • Natural heat dissipation, no fan, low noise
  • IP65 outdoor protection grade, wall-mounted design
  • Off grid and grid connected dual output, and the switching time is less than 20ms
  • Energy flows in both directions, and the battery can be
    charged and discharged at full power
  • Flexible open display menu, customers can set charging and discharging time period and power at any time, so as to facilitate time-of-use electricity price and earn income
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